How to Earn Money From Youtube Without Adsense Account?

Today, I will tell you Some Best Ways to Earn Money from Youtube Without an Adsense Account.

Earn Money From Youtube Without Adsense Account? 

Most of the People who start youtube and want to start their own youtube Channel think that Adsense Account is their only way to get paid. But today, I am gonna tell you some ways to earn money without Adsense from Youtube. And with these ways even a new channel can earn a good amount of money with help of these ways. 

In Starting, every single person wants to earn money through Youtube Channel but trust me, it's not easy. It makes a half-year or a full year to get qualified Your channel for Adsense. Adsense Monetization Takes more time than you thought for a beginner. But with these ways, you can monetize Your channel even with 100 Subscribers. 

Ways to Monetize Youtube Channel Without Adsense 

  1. Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to start earning without any Adsense account and you can even start this with 0 Subscribers. But To be honest, Affiliate Marketing is mostly used for Tech and Gaming Channels. But all other channels can also do and earn a good amount. 

How to Start it

  • Amazon Affiliate Account 
  • Choose Products and create affiliate Link
  • Review product in your video
  • Place your Link in the description
All done, now you all need to start and Make your audience on Youtube who purchases through your links

   2. Youtube Sponsorships 

Youtube Sponsorships is also the best way to monetize your channel and Most YouTubers earn more money from Sponsorships than Adsense earning.

But in Youtube Sponsorships, you need a Good audience that watched your channel. You can not get any Sponsorships until you have at least 40-50k subscribers with 4-5k views. But once you get a Sponsorships then it's one Sponsorship price is equal to your full month Adsense earning. 

How to start 

  • Create Your Audience on YouTube 
  • Watch your related channels which brand gave them Sponsorship 
  • Make a list of brands that are relevant to your audience 
  • Contact them and Get Sponsorship
  • Don't Accept irrelevant things from a brand
  • Learn to negotiate 
  • Don't accept irrelevant Sponsorship

   3. Sell Your Digital Products

Selling your digital products is also a good way to earn a decent amount. You don't need to create an affiliate account or don't need a good audience to start. 

All you need to do is Start your channel in which you are good. 

How to start it 

  • Start Your Channel on your best skill for example graphic designing 
  • Start Teaching about graphic design and how to make them
  • Give your best in videos 
  • Put Your price in Description and Contact Details for Work
All done, people watch your video and if they like your design then they surely hire you for their work.

   4. Sell Your Courses 

You Can create your own Courses in which you are best and you really master it. Most of the people already doing this on Youtube but they are already master in their field. So if you wanna do this make sure you can really do it.

How to do it

  • Master in that skill you wanna make course
  • Teach that in Youtube Vidoes and make a presence
  • After getting audience and master in that course Make a Proper format for Course
  • start Making Videos with proper knowledge
  • Make your own website or sell a course on Udemy and promote it on Youtube Videos

Do not do this if you don't have any proper knowledge or don't anything about the field in which you wanna make your course. 

   5. Sell your services

Selling your services is also a good way to earn on Youtube without an Adsense account. If you are good at something then you can promote your services on your Youtube Videos and get clients for your services with help of your videos. 

How to Start and do it

  • Make videos related to your service. 
  • Share all Knowledge you Have
  • Make Video Live
  • People will watch your video
  • After a while, people hire you for your services

Final Words

These are some of the best ways to earn money from youtube without an Adsense account. With these ways, you can earn a decent amount with a few subscribers. But this will not gonna happen in an instant and you will get paid. You need to have some patience because everything takes time. 

But these are not the only methods, but more methods are also available on youtube and you can earn a lot from those ways. After knowing all this you know that there are a lot of opportunities on youtube and you can earn them a lot. 

Stay Tuned for More Amazing Content!


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