How to Get Adsense account Approval on Blogspot Domain in 2021

Today, I will give you a full guide on how to get AdSense account approval on the Blogspot domain in 2021. 

Adsense Approval Guide on Blogspot Domain in 2021

Getting Adsense approved from Google on the website is a little tough now because of Google Requirements changes but I will tell you a step-by-step guide on how to Get Adsense approval on your Blogger Blogspot Domain. 

Blogger is a Platform offered By google where you create your own website without paying any money. You just need a Google Account for login. 

Blogspot is a domain offered by google to peoples who want to make websites and earn money. You can create as many websites as you want without paying a single penny and without any Coding Knowledge. Blogspot is easy to use and you can earn money when you will complete approval criteria. 

But to get approval on the Blogspot domain is not easy as it's sounds you need to do hard work to get approval. Because of the latest updates by Google, it takes time to get Approved of your website by Google for Adsense. 

Normal Adsense Rejections Reasons

Normally people make mistakes on Blogger that's why their blog is not getting approved. So I am telling you some common mistakes people do and get police violations, you need to be careful that you will not do the same.

No Content Issue (Short or Thin Content)

Most people write short blog posts on their websites that's why they are getting a rejection. Most peoples write 500-600 words usually on their article and that's count as a Short content. If you wrote short content on the website then you will receive Valuable Inventory: No Content Issue.

The solution of Valuable Inventory: No Content Issue.

The only solution for this issue is to update your article to 800-1000 words or also wrote some new articles Within the range of 800+ words. And then send it again you will not get the same issue again. 

Policy Violation: Under Construction 

If you modify your blog after sending your blog for approval and your website is currently under reviewed then you will get a Policy violation: Under Construction issue. 

The solution of Policy violation: Under Construction issue.

The only solution to this issue is to send your website again for the review and after modifying your website completely do not change anything when your website is currently under review.

Site behavior: Navigation" issue

This will happen when your website does not have a menu bar or you have some error pages and your website is not fully customized. 

The solution of Navigation Issue

Make Menu Navigation Bar, Make Disclaimer pages properly, and customize your website properly. Make sure to check that you do not have any Error Pages on the Website otherwise you will face the same issue again. 

How to Avoid Adsense Rejection

I will tell You some ways you need to do to avoid Adsense rejection. 

Follow All Adsense policies

Make sure to follow all policies under Adsense, some people write that content that was not eligible for Adsense. So make sure to read all Adsense policies 

Use SEO-Friendly and Responsive Theme

Most people ignore this step and choose the irrelevant and typical themes for their website which's also a reason to get AdSense rejection. Make sure to choose a Responsive theme for your blog website. 

Do not Change the Theme during the Review Process

Do not change your theme when your website is still under the Review Process. Make a quick check on your website that your website does not have any error and send it for approval.

Write Long and Unique Content 

Do not write short or thin content. Your Blog Post should be at least 800-1000 words each. If you write short content then you will face no content error on the Adsense rejection note.

Index Your All Posts 

I suggest you index all posts manually. Go to your webmaster tool and index all blog posts and pages manually. Manually indexing is way faster than waiting for google to index your post automatically.  

Step By Step Guide and tips to get Adsense Approval on Blogspot  Domain

These are quick steps to get approval on the Blogspot domain, check and if you are already done these steps on your site then go ahead and send your website for approval.

  • Choose a responsive and SEO-Friendly Theme
  • Customize your website perfectly so you do not face any Error issues.
  • Create all Privacy Policies Pages Like About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, terms, and condition
  • Write at least 40 Posts with at least 800-1000 words on each post
  • Index all Post Manually
  • Take a quick look on your website that you do not have an error issue

All done, send your website for AdSense approval and get your AdSense account

Important Note 

  • Your Blogspot domain( must be at least 6 Month old for Adsense approval
  • Make sure to read that your website content is eligible for Adsense and read all Adsense privacy Policies. If your website is not fit with Adsense policies and then you will not get Adsense on that website. 

Final Words 

This is a guide to get Adsense approval on the Blogspot domain in 2021. Make sure to follow all these steps and take a quick look at them before sending your website for Adsense. 


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