How to start Money Making Blog on Blogger in 2021 - Full Guide

Do you want to Earn Money Online? then Blogging is the best way to do that. 

Today, I am Going To Tell You How you can Start Your Own Money Making Blog in 2021 

How to start Money Making Blog 2021

Sometimes Person Needs Some Motivation to do work so they will give their 100% in Work. So am Gonna tell You why you need to start blogging or what are some advantages to start your own Blog in 2021. 

Advantages of Blogging in 2021

1. Live a Boss Free life 

2. Earn a Good Income 

3. Earn 500$+ In one Month (Depends on you)  

4. Work whenever you want! 

These are some of the main and important advantages for your motivation to starting Your own Blog. 

Things You Need To Start Your Own Blog  

If you are a beginner and don't know anything about blogging and wanna try that it will work for you or not then you just need a Domain name that costs 5-10$ per year and you can host your website on BLOGGER which is a Free Platform from Google. 

But if you are above beginner level and want to do it for some years or for your life then I will suggest you Buy Hosting which cost 4$ per month and you will get a Top-level domain Free  for a whole year

  • Top-level Domain (5$/Year)
  • A Hosting (5$/Month, Top Level Domain free for a whole year) 
  • Patience 
  • Need to do work constantly for few months. 

These are the things you need to Start your own Money Making Blog. 

Steps to Start Your Own Blog - Full Guide 

I already gave you some motivation to start a blog and I also told you some benefits to start a Blog. You need a Top Level Domain and hosting if you wanna do this work for few years or for your whole life. But if you are a beginner and wanna learn and try to do this thing then you just need a Domain. 

Now I will tell you a full guide to start your own blog and after reading this guide you know everything about how to start a blog. 

Step 1: Choose a Niche & Find a Good Domain. 

The first step is one of the main and difficult steps in Blogging to Choose a Profitable Niche. 

Do you know? 99% of bloggers quit Blogging in just a few months because they did not find their Own Niche and try to copy others. 

How to choose a Niche?

Niche is like a topic like if you are interested in tech then you can start a Tech Blog, if you are interested in Gaming then start a Gaming Blog. And same goes for educational, health, and how-to tutorials. 

Don't choose your niche in a hurry because choosing the wrong niche is the fastest way to lose a game in the begging.

How to choose a Perfect Domain? 

This is also one of the main parts to start. Because you need to Choose a domain that suits your website name and audience. 

Like if you are in India and want to target only an Indian audience then you can go for a .in Domain this will increase your website ranking in India because the .in domain is especially for the Indian audience.

If you wanna target an audience in all countries then you can for the .com domain but the .com domain is not easy to rank because this means you need to compete with all other websites in all countries. 

But there is also a big advantage if you choose the .com domain and if your website will rank in top pages then you get many users and your earning will also increase. 

Step 2: Sign in on Blogger  

If you successfully choose your domain and niche then the First main step is done now you need to choose your hosting but I will guide you to start a Blog on Blogger so you can Setup your blog on Blogger in some simple steps

  • Go to Blogger and signup with your email account
  • And now choose your blog name
  • Now all Done, your website with Blogspot domain is all set. 

How to customize blog on Blogger

  1. Download your theme which suits your website. 
  2. Go to theme section > Click on Customization > Upload your theme
  3. Go to layout and customize your layout according to your need. 

These are some simple steps to customize your blog. 

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? 

After doing all the above steps your website is ready to post its first Blog. 

  • Sign in to Blogger
  • Click New Post

Final Words 

I told you how to start money-making a blog on Blogger in 2021 with all steps and gives you a proper full guide but it's easy to read than in practice. You need to learn daily and apply it to your work and have a little patience otherwise you will fail in starting. 

Stay tuned for more amazing content!


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