LOW Competition Niche Ideas for Youtube Channels [2021]

Niche is one of the basic and first steps to creating a channel and also your CPC depends on your niche. Best Youtube Niche ideas with Low competition and High CPC for Youtube Channel in 2021.

What is Niche?

Niche is what makes your channel unique from other youtube channels. Niche is a genre of your youtube channel and you will upload the youtube videos related to your niche.

If you make how to cook videos then your niche is cooking and your topic is what you are teaching to make in that video.

You need to choose the best niche for starting a youtube channel but that does not mean you can work on that if you are interested in that genre. You should choose a niche in which you are interested & have knowledge in that field. and You can make videos in that genre without feeling bored.

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Best Niche Ideas with Low Competition for Youtube Channels

LOW Competition Niche Ideas for Youtube Channels [2021]

Why niche is important for youtube channels and it depends on earnings?

Well, there are more than 20 niches you can start your channel on and all types of youtube channels are already available on youtube. and competition on youtube is getting high time by time. 

Most of the peoples want to choose the best most profitable niche for youtube channels so their channel will grow fast and they will earn money.

But let me tell you guys channel growth does not depend on low competition Niche.

Your channel growth depends on your content. If you are giving knowledge to your audience and your content in the video is good then your channel will grow but if you are just making videos on randoms topics and you do not have any quality content then your channel will never grow.

But also Low competition niche is important if your videos are in a low competition niche then your video will rank faster and people will watch your video.

Best Niche with Low Competition 2021

From here now I am going to tell you some best niches with low competition for youtube channels 2021.

How-to tutorials

How-to tutorials are also a low competition niche. With some consistent and quality work, you can grow your channel with ease. You can make how to make videos and start teaching your audience what you know.

If you are a Graphic designer then you should start videos on How to make a logo, how to make thumbnails etc. That type of channel also gets clients through their videos and earns money.

How to monetize

  • Adsense
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate or clients


If you love cooking and know that how to cook then you should start the channel because this is the best niche with low competition and high traffic. 

Today, most of the peoples go to youtube and start searching their recipes for their food or how to cook food. Many Cooking channels already available on youtube but you can grow your cooking channels easily if you put some effort into your videos.

How to Monetize

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Sell Recipe Books

Gaming Tips & Tricks

Are you a Gaming Lover and you know a lot about gaming then why do you not start a youtube channel and share your knowledge with the audience.

Most of the young generations are love to play and have knowledge about gaming. If you play the games and you know some tips and tricks to make someone a pro player in-game or they can win their games with your tips. Then You can start your own youtube channel and can share your knowledge with others.

How to Monetize:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Sponsorships


Are you a fitness freak? You know a lot about fitness and then share your knowledge with the audience by creating your own youtube channel.

Most of the peoples want their body fit but some of them do not have time to go Gym. You can give them some tips and tricks about how to stay fit without going gym. This topic wanted by most of the peoples. You can teach them how to stay fit without going gym.

How to Monetize:

  • Youtube Adsense
  • Sponsorships
  • Book on Fitness tips

Final words

These are the low competition niche ideas for youtube channels in 2021. You can choose them or can also search them from other websites because these are not only the best niches. 

Low competition niches help your channel to grow a little faster but if your content is not good then Low competition niches can not do anything for your channel. Create Good Content and share your knowledge with your audience that helps you to grow your channel.

Stay tuned for more awesome content!


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