[Best Ways] How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast

If you have a Youtube Channel and are struggling to rank your Videos in Search Results, then today I am Going to tell you some tips to rank your youtube videos faster in search results and increase your reach Youtube channel.

Rank Youtube Videos

How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast

Youtube is now one of the best social media platforms because youtube is the one that first shares its platform to share the talents of persons. 

And now youtube is one of the best platforms to share your talent and make money from it. If you have any talent you can use it to make money from youtube through Adsense. 

But now the competition is also increasing day by day because all peoples share their talent and competition is increasing, so mostly new YouTubers are facing issues in starting to rank their videos.

If your youtube videos are not ranking then you will struggle on youtube to get subscribers and become a successful youtube. Because if people do not watch your videos then where did you get the subscribers.

So today I am going to tell you some best ways to rank your videos or what to do to rank youtube videos faster.

How to Rank Youtube Vidoes Fast?

A new person who just started his youtube journey recently is struggling to rank his youtube videos because he does not know the exact things on what to do to rank youtube videos. They do not have someone who guides them and tells them a proper way. 

So today I am going to tell you some best ways on how to rank youtube videos faster and these are things you should keep in your mind while uploading the video on youtube. 

1.  Title of Youtube Videos

The title of your youtube videos is one of the first things that catch the attention of peoples. If your title of the video is not good then people will not click on your video and will not watch it. 

You can write only 100 characters in your youtube title so do not waste it and only put informational details about on what is the topic of the video and do not fill in other irrelevant pieces of stuff. 

For Example, if you are uploading a video on how to make a chocolate cook then you can write the title " Best Way to Make a Chocolate Cake at Home" or something that attracts the audience but not put a misleading title that made the audience hate your content. 

Youtube gives you 100 characters to write in the title so that does not mean you must write the 100 characters or your video will not rank. That is also Good if your title is under 70-80 characters but just do not put irrelevant information or Misleading titles. 

2.  Tags of Video 

Youtube video tags are also the main thing to remember. Youtube video tags help you to rank your video on youtube. 

People also do not know how to use properly youtube tags. Some people also put unnecessary tags in videos and as a result, their videos will not rank. Do not put irrelevant tags in the video that will confuse the youtube on which topic your video is and what type of audience will watch your video.

Youtube gives you 500 characters space to put the tag. 500 characters for tags is more than enough if you know how to use it.

I also recommend you not to use all 500 characters space that youtube offers. If you put all relevant in 400 or 450 characters then that's best. 

If your video is on tutorial of cake for example then put tags like "how to bake a cake", "how to make a cake at home".

You can also use the Tubebuddy tool for keywords. You can use the tube buddy app if you work on android and if you have a pc or laptop use can also install its extension that helps you to check all other ranked video tags.

3. Youtube Video Description

Youtube video description is also one of the main things that help you to rank on youtube. Most people do not know about this but what you write in your description also has importance in youtube ranking.

You should write more than 300 words in your description if you do not what to write then am going to tell you below if you do not know what to write you can also follow this instruction. 

These are the things you should write in Video Description:

  • About the Video - Give short reviews of your video and what you will them in your video and put a short overview about it on the Description.
  • Resources - If you are telling them something knowledgeable or news then make sure to put sources where did you read that news. This will build trust between you and your audience.
  • Social Media Links - Make sure to give social media links for contact. So your audience will contact you and talk to you. You can give them your Instagram username so they can also follow you and make sure to tell them what do you do at home in your free time that will grow your connection between you and your audience. 
  • Hashtags - Hashtag is also useful nowadays. Put some hashtags related to your video topic. This will also impact your ranking. 

4.  Thumbnail 

Thumbnail is the featured image or representation image on your video. Let me tell you that the video title and thumbnail are the most important thing that increases your CTR and views.

Video title and thumbnail are the things that attract the audience. Description can not be seen until someone click on the video to watch but the thumbnail and the title are the first impressions of your video and if these are good then you will not get views. 

Do not clickbait and do not include too much text in the video. Your thumbnail should be clean and nice. Most of the peoples are just adding text on the image and putting it thumbnail as their video. But if your thumbnail is not good-looking then it will not catch a look in other people's eyes.

Final Words 

These are the important things you should keep in your mind while uploading your video if you want to rank your video fast on youtube. A new Youtube creator will struggle if they did not know about some basic but important things. Not only a new creator but some old creators also do not know about some stuff. 

If you are a new creator then you should follow these tips and if you follow all these tips carefully then your video will rank on youtube.

Stay tuned for more awesome content!


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