5 Best Group Buy SEO Tools Services in India

If you are looking for group SEO tools services in India then here are 5 Best Group Buy SEO Tools Services in India that provide SEO Tools at the cheapest price. 

Group Buy SEO Tools 

5 Best Group Buy SEO Tools Services India

We all know how important is to use blogging tools in blogging. We need every type of tool that to help us to rank our website on Google. For example for keyword research, we need Ahref or Semrush. We need every tool that helps us.

Let's honest with ourselves here, we can not really pay 100$ or 50$ for a single tool every month. For a Beginner that is too much to pay. Ahref's monthly plan is for 99$ and if you buy for annual, it cost 82$ still this is too much to pay who just started. 

That's where Group Buy Seo tools come for work. Group Buy SEO Tools provide you all the best tools for blogging at a low price. If you look at their price and then look at the real price, you will know why everyone chooses group buys SEO tools instead of real.

Some group buys SEO tools providers gives you more than 15 or 20 tools in just 600 or 700 and from official provide you will get one single tool starting from 50$ to 100$.

5 Best Group Buy SEO Tools Services in India 

Today, I will provide you some best group Buy SEO Tools that are trusted and there is no need to worry about something that will work or not. Below is the list of 5 Best Group Buy SEO Tools for Blogging Tools in India. 

1. Toolsninja

Toolsninja Review

Toolsninja is one of the famous and trusted websites that offer Group buy SEO tool services. This is one of the best websites where you can get our favorite tools at affordable prices. The rating of this website is 4.3 that is really good. 

This website is best for Newbie Bloggers, Freelancers, Designers, and Marketers. They offer Blogger and designers pack and if you do not want to buy a complete package you can also buy the individual tool. If you are Blogger you can buy Blogger's pack in which you will get more than 20 premium tools including Ahref, Semrush, Grammarly, and other blogging tools in just 379RS which is too cheap to compare to other websites.

If you are a designer then you can purchase a designer's package at 349RS in which you will get 18 premium tools including Envato elements, place it, and other awesome tools that will help you to make your design more attractive.

Currently am using its All in One package where I will get both packages in 549RS. In All in one package, you will get both packages, Blogger and designer. If you are a blogger and also do some work related to designs then the All in One package is for you. Toolsninja does not only offer you the best tools at an affordable price but also gives you full-time live chat support where you can ask your query and will ask for any help if you need it.

If you still do not believe us you can try their free 3-day trial where you can use any tool for 3 days without giving any money. After that, you can select which tool or package you want to buy. You can go to the Toolsninja website to buy or start your free trial. 

2. Toolsminati 


It is also one of the best group buy SEO tools where you can buy blogging tools for cheap. It also provides many tools and premium apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Toolsminati also offers you all in one package where you will get more than a premium of 20 tools in just 399rs. 

You will get Ahref, Semrush, Moz, canvas, amazon prime, Netflix, and other more 17 premium tools that will help you in all possible ways to outrank your competitor on google and rank your blog post on top. 

If you do not want to buy the complete package then you can also buy the tools individually. They accept all kinds of payment methods so it will be easy for everyone to buy. And they also have a referral system so you can also refer your friends and can earn some money in return. 

They are not only providing tools at the cheapest price but their support is also one of the best things to choose their service. They offer a 24*7 chat support system for you so if you ever face any problem you can take help from them using chat support. Also to use their tools. you don't need to install any third-party software or extensions you can directly access most of their tools including Ahrefs, Semrush, and other top tools. 

I bought some tools from toolsminati and all are working fine. I am also currently using some tools from this website. If you also want to Buy any tool at a low price, you can go on Toolsminati and see the complete list of tools and choose which one is best suited for you.  


seotooladda review

SEO Tool Adda is a famous tool provider website where you will get 20 premium blogging tools in just 599 INR. This one is a combo package where you will get 20 Premium tools in just 599rs and Ahref, Semrush, Moz and canvas are the ones which one is the most famous tools in this package. 

Just think about it you will get Ahref, Semrush, canvas, and more than 17 tools in just 599rs. I tested their combo package and all are working fine. SeoToolAdda is one of the best options if you want to buy many SEO tools at a cheap price then SEOtooladda is one of the best. 

There are some fake Seotooladda sites beware of them, there is only one site available and that is the official website of SeoToolAdda.

4. Toolszap 

toolszap review

Toolszap is also one of the famous group buy SEO tools service providers for bloggers and marketers. Toolszap also provides tools at the cheapest price. 

If you did not ever header about this site and you do not know how their service chat support system is then you can try their tool first by just filling a form and after that, you can buy them.
You can also go with the lite plan they offer which costs 499RS/Month and you will get some premium tools for that money. The tool is quite easy to use and you just need to select a plan and then download 2 chrome extensions and then use the link in the tool to access those services. 

You can go to the Toolszap website and can see their plan and select which one is best suited for you. 

5. Pitorr

pitorr review

Pitorr is another group buy SEO tool service prover with more than 100 premium tools for you.  Pitorr is not only for SEO tools, but they also focused on graphics and content services and you can buy tools related to designing and making content Like story Blocks,, audio blocks, etc. 

If you are looking for some website that provides you every type of tool then pitorr is the option you can go with. It has some great amazing collections of graphics and video tools like story base, Envato elements, etc. 

Pitorr offers you 3 packages and the lowest price is 6$ per month in which you will get Ahref, canva, Envato elements, and 3 other premium tools. 

You can go to the Pitorr website and can see their plan and select which one is best suited for you. 

Final Words

These are some websites where you can buy your favorite group SEO tools at a cheap price. You can buy complete packages or can buy individual tools. 5 Best Group Buy SEO Tools for Services in India. If you are a newbie blogger and marketer and do not have enough budget to purchase any tools from official sites then Group Buy SEO Tools are the best ones you can go with. 

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  1. Toolszap is a group buy tool service which helps new bloggers to purchase high priced SEO tools and blogging related stuff at the lowest price.


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