[Ultimate Ways] How to Get your first Client as a Freelancer?

If you are a freelance beginner and you are struggling to get your first client as a beginner then read this guide on how to get your first client as a freelancer.

First Client as a Freelancer

How to Get your first Client as a Freelancer?

Finding your first Client is a bit frustrating as a Freelancer if you do not have the right direction. Most of the freelancers quite quickly because they do not have any right direction and they can not find any client their work. 

Since you do not have any work experience or do not know how to handle clients it's a little bit difficult if you are finding your first client. You do not know how to make a deal and you do not know how to convince your client to pay you the right price. 

1. Create a Portfolio 

The portfolio is one of the most important things in Freelancing. Well since you do not work with other clients, what you will tell your client who do you work with? 

For starting do work for free or in less price or if possible work as an intern to get some experience and work samples. Or if you are a Designer or something you can create work samples and add them to your portfolio. Your portfolio is the one that shows your skills and capabilities to potential clients. 

2. Freelancing Apps 

There are some Freelancing apps available for you to begin with which helps you to find finding your first client as a freelancer.

Many people tell you that these apps can not help you and some people also tell you to use them for starting. It's true that these apps will not help if you quit too soon and you do not have enough patience.

The freelancing apps will take time because you are not the only one on the app. There are millions of peoples who are charging the same price as you and have more skills and experience. So you need to wait for few weeks.

3. From Network

The network is also one of the best ways to get clients. The network is very important now in every way. If you need a job or you need to start your own work, a network will help you in some way.

Most of the peoples do not ask from their network for work. They feel shy or do not feel to share their work with their network. I will suggest you market your work or what services you are providing with your network.

Tell them what services you are providing and what is your price and how you can help them. Share your work with your friends, family, colleagues. Maybe they will be your first client. Let them people know about you and ask them if they have any work for you.

4. Social Media

Social media is no longer the only app that entertains you. Social media is helping youngsters to earn money now and many peoples are earning with help of social media.

You can create content and share some knowledge on your social media platforms. Make and share the content under your niche. If you will create content and share them on your niche then social media shows your content to others and if someone will like your content they will follow you.

You can market your service while creating and sharing your knowledge, there are high chances that your followers will turn into your client. But this way also needs to take some time. Do not expect that you will get the result in a day or two days. You need to be patient.

Final Words

These are some ways for freelancing beginners who just started freelancing and are unable to get their first client. You can use these methods to get your first job as a client. But keep in mind that every method will take time.

 If you are a freelance beginner and you are struggling to get your first client as a beginner then read this guide on how to get your first client as a freelancer.

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